Prairie Pothole habitat projects

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The Prairie Pothole Chapter has been actively restoring and preserving wetland habitat in and around Willmar, Minnesota since 1982. Over the years the scope and nature of these projects has evolved. The initial project involved placing loafing logs and goose nesting structures in area wildlife management areas. Projects today involve working relationships with the local department of natural resources, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and local landowners to identify and complete wetland restorations.

Each year Prairie Pothole Chapter identifies and undertakes conservation projects.The Chapters participation in these projects ranges from the services and goods needed for habitat restoration to direct hands-on dirt work by volunteers. Examples of recent projects illustrates the type of work this chapter has been doing since 1982. If you have a project in mind and would like Prairie Pothole to help, please complete and return the Project Form. MWA Project Form

As a local Chapter of the Minnesota waterfowl Association we partner with chapters throughout Minnesota to undertake projects to big for any one chapter to undertake. The has allowed the Minnesota Waterfowl Association to undertake larger projects such as the Swan Lake draw down, the Lake Maria Wetland enhancement project, and the restoration of Lake Christina

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note:projects performed on private property are currently not listed due to privacy concerns