Prairie Pothole Day

Prairie Pothole Day is September 12, 2015. The annual fundraiser will once again be taking place at Stoney Ridge Farm, just outside New London, MN. This is by far our largest event each year with 4,000 patrons descending on the farmstead to play games, learn about the environment, and maybe will a raffle prize or two.

For the kids

Climbing the Rock Wall

Kids have been a focus or Prairie Pothole Day activities since 1983 and this year is no exception. Returning for a another year is the wildly popular rock climbing wall where kids can try and scale the wall to ring a bell. Scared of heights? No problem, kids can try their hand at the archery range or BB gun range. Want to step back in time? Head out to the black powder range and see if you can hit the bulls eye.

for the dogs

Labrador Retriever ready to go

Prairie Pothole Day was started by a group of avid waterfowlers who wanted to help protect local wetlands. So it only made sense that their four-legged hunting buddies would show up and want to play games. This year Dock Dogs will be back again. Wildly popular this is a chance for your pup to get some big air. Up for a challenge, then let your dog work in the pond where we simulate hunting situations. Singles, doubles, land-water-land, poison birds... we'll set up just about any retrieve.

for Everyone

Marv Anderson Carving Decoys

Prairie Pothole Day has something for everyone. Want to learn about wetland ecology stop down by the lake. Want to learn about oak savannahs, take the prairie woods walk led by local naturalists. Need to make some noise, bring your gun and try and break some pigeons on the sporting clays course. Too noisy, bring your bow and walk the 3-D archery trail. Hungry after all the games, have lunch on the grounds before you shop in the educational and vendors booths in the farmyard.